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A free to download development suite designed to manage your project with multiple users

Hardware ►
A guide to connector / port assignment

Software ►
Find infomation on the core iDevOS commands and their attributes

How To ►
Small code snippets showing you how to create common screen objects

Example Projects ►
Download a project and modify it to suit your own requirements

Firmware Updates ►
Firmware updates for TU and TW modules with their release notes

What is iDevOS?

iDevOS is a combined operating system and application processor software suitable for controlling a wide range of applications using a colour TFT display with touch panel and numerous interfaces to control peripheral devices. It was developed to reduce the time taken for companies to implement the latest colour display technology in their products by supplying much of the high level functionality expected of a touch controlled display in the operating system.

iDevOS is optimised for a future where everything is uploaded to and downloaded from a server on the web. It operates in a similar way to a multi-source browser handling screen creation, program tasks and data processing in real time as it is loaded from internal memory or transferred across one of the communication interfaces.

The simplicity of the text based language allows 'non programmers' to implement their ideas and quickly present them to potential customers without significant expense or extended learning time compared with Linux.

What can you do?

The typical 'bottle-neck' when connecting a new colour display to an existing control system is that the amount of data communication can increase by a factor of 20 which can result in slow updates and poor animation capability. iDevOS allows you to move the application processing from the host control system into the display so all the host needs to do is collect raw data and send it directly to the display module. In 20% of projects, customers dispense with their existing control system and use the itron SMART display module to control the whole product.

The built in functionality of iDevOS allows screen navigation, full graphic image and touch control, data logging to SD card, graph and pie chart drawing, 4 dimensional arrays for spread sheet implementation, 7 decimal point calculation and text / buffer manipulation, user or built in protocols with interface control, timers, counters, clock, calendar and alarm. We have implemented over 200 customer suggestions to allow iDevOS to really work for their application requirements.

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