Itron- 50 Years of Electronic Display Innovation

Founded in 1967 by Dr.T.Nakamura itron has developed from being the first supplier of calculator Vacuum Fluorescent Displays to the leading manufacturer of CIG driver wide temperature industrial displays. It is a member of the Noritake Group which specializes in ceramic based products with abrasives, chinaware, materials, furnaces and electronic divisions.

In 2009 itron spotted the opportunity for smart, integrated display and touch modules in the industrial sector following their growing dominance and ultimate saturation of the telecoms market. The challenge was in enabling the existing microprocessor based display user to be able to drive such a complex sub-assembly. Taking years of experience in developing bespoke user interface solutions , itron has invested in developing their own operating system , iDevOS, to enable product designers the opportunity to upgrade to a much more complex user interface whilst maintaining their current microprocessor based core electronics. This is the essence of the latest itron iSmart range of intelligent TFT modules.

This strategy has enabled itron iSmart display users across the globe to offer their customers the touch-display user interface demanded by modern consumers, timely and effectively as part of their own natural product development without the need for substantial changes to their core processor roadmap.

The latest TX iSmart series offers IMX6 level performance in a series of design platforms that will be offered to itron’s customers as bespoke solutions integrating tailored hardware and software to enable cost effective and efficient product user interfaces to be added timely to their own product ranges from 4” screens right through to 10.2” displays.

Additionally, itrons range of Metallised Projected Capacative touchscreens ( MPCT) offer market leading user interface performance based on fundamental ‘metal layering in glass’ IP developed over the last 50 years. This MPCT technology when integrated with the iSmart TX Range offers a  range of products with superior technical performance that can safely take itron into the next 50 years.

Itron now ships its touch-screens, VFD and TFT display products from manufacturing plants in the UK and Japan  to customers in the US, Europe and Asia.

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