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TFT Modules

TFTMHeaderTFT Modules

Fully integrated TFT display modules with extensive interface options
Itron's powerful ARM9 based embedded TFT modules provide serial interfaces to link host and peripheral devices using USB, RS232, RS485, Async, SPI, I2C, CAN and Ethernet. Most ports double up as general I/O with IRQ functionality

Put application control in the TFT for communication efficiency
Our embedded solutions allow you to move application processing into the TFT module which reduces host overhead and enables easily manageable communication speeds. The host can send raw data to the TFT module for the operating system to process and synchronise display refresh, navigation and peripheral control.

Lower implementation costs
Our embedded TFT modules integrate hardware and software to enable rapid development depending on your application needs with 5 sizes of display and 3 operating systems. Customisation of hardware and software can support your specific functional requirement

See our full range below.


TU Range


Itron UK’s original itron Smart Embedded TFT TU-series offering proven and trusted technology shipping in excess of 100K units across Europe.

  • 4 Standard Screen sizes
  • Resistive and Projected Capacitive Touchscreen options
  • Innovative iDevOS operating system offering low cost development.
  • Simple migration path from Character & monochrome graphic modules.
  • Longevity of Supply.


TW Range


Itron UK’s current flagship itron Smart Series Embedded TFT TW-Series Modules build from the successful TU ranges proven capabilities adding QT ( on Linux) OS and Wi-Fi functionality.

Backward compatibility to the TU series maintains IUK product longevity credentials.

  • 4 Standard Screen sizes
  • Resistive and Projected Capacitive Touchscreen options.
  • Powerful enough to devolve Host functionality.
  • Cost Effective
  • TU / iDevOS compatible.

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