Noritake Itron VFD Display Modules - VFD Displays compatible with LCD Modules Graphic Displays and Character Displays with Solidworks drawings + USB, SPI, RS232 and parallel interface plus Smart TFT iSMART TFT modules

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Noritake Itron VFD Display Modules - VFD Displays compatible with LCD Modules Graphic Displays and Character Displays with Solidworks drawings + USB, SPI, RS232 and parallel interface plus Smart TFT iSMART TFT modules

VFD Displays
Our VFD modules give you the opportunity to mix multi-size built in ASCII fonts with user defined images.


A rich command set enables minimum data transfer to achieve the ideal solution.
Module customization is available.

TFT Graphic Modules

Our TFT module solutions are ideal for designers looking to upgrade from character or graphic displays to a colour rich solution using our unique iDEV text based language for rapid results.


EMI Shields with Al+ITO on Glass
Standard size EMI shields for TFT and other displays with up to 50dbm2 cut in emissions and 85% transparency.  Realize custom ultra fine ITO over aluminium patterns with 10um width and 1um thickness for
biometric and capacitive sensors.

OLED Displays
OLED offers a lightweight compact design with high contrast and wide viewing angle.

Specially designed plastic enclosures to house the 4.3" TFT Graphic module.
Available in black and white with multiple wall mount and hand held options. Flexible interface design and 'in-situ' software update

Capacitive Touch Switch

A fully customised front panel solution combining high sensitivity capacitive touch with high definition photo lithographic etching, long life metallic deposition and vivid LED backlighting with integrated control and serial interfacing to CPUs.


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pumaNova ARM9 System On Module

* ARM processor, 4G eMMC NAND and 256MB+ DDR2
* Ethernet switch, video and audio capability.
* 15 serial interfaces and up to 48 user I/O
* wide input supply 4V to 15V with peripheral 5V/3V3 support
Our pumaNova system on module gives you the flexibility to integrate your complete system into a compact footprint with the precise interface and GUI to meet your application needs. The 8 layer PCB with integrated TFT connector and backlight power
generation localizes the high speed tracks to reduce EMI emission.

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Metallised Projective Capacitive Touch

*The gloves don’t have to come off
*Works through 4mm of plastic or 8mm of glass
*Easy to use with no bonding
*Multi-touch grab and pinch
Our metallised PCT touch technology extends the applications for projective capacitive touch with a robust and flexible solution to simplify front panel design. Easy semi-custom sizes cut from larger panels. Create that IP rating you previously thought was a dream.

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Graphic LCD Compatible Type  GU128x64E

GE256X64B-7032B OLED Module


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Crisp image
High contrast white color
High density, wide viewing angle
Easy to use
High performance MCU on board
Various text and graphic commands
Built-in international fonts
Easy interface
USART / UART / SPI / Parallel
Reliable COG OLED panel
Long life, high quality

Graphic LCD Compatible Type  GU128x64E

128X64 VFD Graphic Module is LCD Compatible with KS0107/KS0108 controller

This module has been designed to have electrical and mechanical compatibility with the popular LCD format with the interface controller KS0107/KS0108. This is ideal for applications with demanding environmental specifications as well as providing a fast visual response inherent in VFD technology.

Dot Number 128x64 dots
Display Area 64.49 x 32.17 mm
Outline 93.0 x 70.0mm
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Slimline Message Display Signs

° USB 2.0 compatible
° RS232 / RS485 options
° Uses built in Windows drivers
° IR keyboard interface mode
° Generic Text Printer emulation
° 5V Power derived from host / PC
° 8000 character memory
° ASCII + European fonts
° Program from a Text Editor Software
° Networking as a Shared Printer
° Smooth Scroll - all directions
The ideal product for locating on office or reception desks, exhibition display panels, leaflet holders and products to get your message across to customers or visitors.
These compact, eye catching bright VFD displays can be plugged into the USB port of any PC for programming and a suitable 12V power adaptor for operation with RS232/485 interface.

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itron SMART TFT Modules

16 Million Colours
100 Page Display RAM
128M Byte Flash
4G+ Micro SDHC Slot
LED Backlight Control
5V Supply 3.3V Logic
ASCII + MultiFonts
RS232 + 2 Async Ports
RS485+RS422 Interfaces
SPI - I2C Interfaces

USB 2.0 Interface
Analogue Touch Screen
Up to 12 x 12 Key Control
Up to 24 User Digital I/O
2 Analogue Inputs
3 PWM Outputs
Real Time Clock + Date
Run Time Counter
iDEV and Linux OS

Noritake Itron has developed an object oriented
language iDEV specifically designed to control
displays to enable rapid application development.

The modules have the ability to
store the complete application in internal flash so the user's host system can be a small 8 bit CPU sending functional data updates.

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Compact Economy Graphic VFD Modules with Serial Interfaces

° Lowest Cost Solution
° Async /SPI /I2C Interfaces
° RS232 + RS485 Options  
° Scalable Font Sets
° Graphics Upload
° Scroll and Flash Capability
° ASCII, European and Cyrillic Fonts
° Custom Font options
° Multi-sized fonts 5x5, 5x7, 10x14.
Noritake Itron's latest modules combine the power of it's flexible pixel based range with it's economy graphic VFD displays used for LCD emulation. These products offer a 30% cost saving compared to existing models.
The modules have a 12mm profile with no components on the back allowing ease of handling and a compact front panel assembly.

part number

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Compact 84x16 Graphic VFD Module targets high brightness and wide temperature markets

° High Temperature Operation 105C
° High Brightness 2000cd/m2
° Text and Graphic Commands
° 5x7 and 10x14 ASCII fonts
° Place Cursor on any Pixel
° Bi-directional SPI logic interface
° Single 5V supply
° 4 push button key option
° Semi Custom options

These modules use a high brightness VFD
 capable of 2000cd/m2 brightness to provide the 3mm high 5x7 characters a reading distance of more than two metres. The module has been tested to provide T105 capability in oven and other high temperature applications.
Custom multi-language fonts can be programmed to suit your local requirements.

part number + interface

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Miniature 128x64 VFD Display Module targets Compact Applications

° SPI / I2C / Async
° Text and Graphic Commands
° 5 Built In ASCII fonts
° Multi Language Character Sets
° Powerful Command Set
° Place Cursor on any Pixel
° Horizontal / Vertical Scroll
° Graphic Draw capability
° Selectable 3.3/5V logic interface
° Single 5V supply
° Wide Temp -40C to +85C 

The GU128X64C uses a high brightness VFD capable of 2.1mm high 5x7 characters which can be read at more than one metre. Larger built in ASCII fonts provide 4mm and 8mm high characters with the cursor capable of pixel resolution placement allowing applications to make full use of the display area. The graphic draw and screen editing commands reduce host processing time via the bi-directional asynchronous, SPI and I2C serial interfaces
Eight user ports provide semi-custom onboard key-scan capability for resistive touch and conventional contact switch push buttons on the user front panel.

part number

Display Interface Controllers interface USB to VFD and LCD modules

° USB 2.0 compatible
° Uses built in Windows drivers
° serial COM port mode
° IR keyboard interface mode
° new Generic Printer emulation
° parallel + serial output interfaces
     i80, M68 bi-directional bus.
     SPI, async, RS232, RS485
° Power and data from USB port 
° ideal for development/testing
° external 5V supply option

 These 2.0 USB interface controllers support 8 bit parallel, SPI and asynchronous serial interfaces at various baud rates in a small PCB footprint. The USB3 on board potentiometer enables the bias voltage to be set for most 5x7 character LCDs and an IR receiver compatible with the low cost KBC56A keyboard allows remote set up and control.
They can be configured on the fly as one of 3 USB devices, a bi-directional COM port, a combined PC keyboard and mouse and a generic printer for use with existing software print routines.

part number + interface
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Parallel + Serial
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Pixel Flexible 600 Series VFD Modules  with selectable 3.3V/5V logic

° pixel flexible cursor placement
° parallel and serial interfaces
° SPI, async, RS232, RS485
° selectable 3.3V and 5V logic
° 4 font sizes + custom options
° ASCII, European, Russian
° Compact low profile design
° Wide temp -40C to +85C

 The modules include a jumper option to switch
 the interfaces to 3.3V or 5V logic operation.
These 600 series products include an extensive command set plus ASCII, European and Cyrillic
 fonts with character formats 5x5, 5x7, 7x15 and 10x14. The 240X64 module has provision for a USB interface. Custom software options are readily available and affordable.

part number + format + int
160x32 dot CMOS
160x64 dot CMOS
160x64 dot RS232/485
240x64 dot RS232

Double the text lines in the same standard LCD footprint with backward compatibility

° Compatible footprint/interface
° 6 simultaneous font sizes 
° LCD compatible commands
° extended Graphic commands
° parallel and serial interfaces
° i80, M68 bi-directional bus.
° SPI, async, RS232
° European, Katakana, Russian
° Custom commands and fonts

The high brightness of VFD allows six new designs of popular LCD formats to provide users with more text lines in the existing size module. The modules are backward compatible with 2x16, 2x20, 4x20 and 2x40 formats and expand to 4x16, 4x20, 8x20 and 4x40 with a single software command. A new 7x7 dot font maintains readability through increased character width. Additional graphic commands allow mono-spaced or proportional multi sized fonts 5x5, 5x7, 7x7, 7x15, 10x14 and 20x28 with graphic image upload.

part no.+format euro cyrillic
4x16 3mm
4x20 3mm
8x20 3mm
4x40 3mm
4x16 5mm
4x20 5mm