Noritake Itron VFD Display Modules - VFD Displays compatible with LCD Modules Graphic Displays and Character Displays with Solidworks drawings + USB, SPI, RS232 and parallel interface plus Smart TFT iSMART TFT modules

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- more than just a display
- incredible performance
- unbelievable price

ARM9 CPU core
4 touch options
7 interfaces, 31 User I/O
low profile solution
5yr + product platform
upgrade your character or graphic
LCD module to colour TFT with our
easy to programme SMART modules.
designed for fast implementation and
updating application code remotely
host or slave operation
powerful image & text handling
conditional and calculation functions
built in navigation reduces host overhead
integrated touch and external key control
ASCII, UNICODE, UTF8 font handling
licence free development tools



itron SMART TFT TU modules

3.5 inch



4.3 inch

5.7 inch

               7 inch











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● Up to 16 Million Colours
● 64M Byte RAM
● 128M Byte Flash
● 4G+ Micro SDHC Slot
● LED Backlight Control
● 5V Supply 3.3V Logic
● World Fonts ASCII,Unicode,UTF8

● Auto Menu Control & Navigation
● Screen Rotation
● Run Animations & Slideshows
● Graphic User Interface
● Integrated Real Time Debugger
● Floating Point -17 dec. places
   Maths, Trig, Numeric Calculation
● Multi Dimensional Arrays

● Modbus RTU slave and master
● CAN bus adaptor
● Dual Rotary Encoder Control
● RS232 + 2 Async Ports
● RS485 -Full/Half Duplex
● SPI - I2C Interfaces
● Sync Serial Controller
● USB Device Interface
● Resistive Touch Screen
● Projective Capacitive Touch

● Up to 12 x 12 Key Control
● Up to 31 User Digital I/O
● 2 Analogue Inputs 0-3VDC
● 3 PWM  160Hz - 1MHz
● Real Time Clock + Date + Alarm
● Run Time + 31 I/O Counters
● Buzzer Output (30V FET - Sink)
● AC97 Audio Serial Bus
● Custom Software

● Designed and manufactured in Europe
IS09001, ISO14001

Quick View - Price / Specification *

Screen 3.5" 4.3" 5.7" 7"
Price 1+ Eu99 Eu89 Eu151 Eu135
US$127 US$114 US$195 US$173
Pixels 320x240 480x272 640x480 800x480
TFT mm 70x53 95x54 115x86 152x91
PCB mm 80x77 108x80 131x119 165x119
Colours 256k 16 million 256k 256k
Supply 5VDC 5VDC 5VDC 5VDC
Luminance 400cd/m2 280cd/m2 400cd/m2 300cd/m2
Current 260mA 350mA 480mA 620mA
Full Spec -
SPI/I2C/Async 3.3V logic (5V Option)
I/O Interface 3.3V logic
RS232 Interface +7V/-3V Out, +/-15V In
Display Type Transmissive
Contrast Ratio 250:1
View Angle (min) 60 Degrees
Response Time 25ms @ 25C
Operating Temp -20C to +70C

* Price/spec is for resistive touch -K612A1RU module
excludes shipping and local tax.
Terms and conditions apply.
 Only available for sale through
Noritake offices and franchised distributors.

Experienced linux users please go to the site

We can write you application software
Click here for more details


Noritake Itron in conjunction with 70+ customers over a 4 year period has developed
'itronOS+', an object oriented language specifically designed to control TFT displays enabling rapid application development through easy image, text and function handling.

Powerful but Easy to Use Dynamic Graphic User Interface
Create and link buttons, text, shapes, images and photos via your host interface or use a text editor to create and pre-store them on an SDHC card for transfer to on board NAND flash memory or RAM.

Build in functionality behind the page and let the module take care of the navigation and process control including floating point calculation, conditional actions and user defined protocol handling.

It is dynamic because it is a real time combined communications and operating system where
functionality can be changed by internal or remote interaction allowing end customer's to add
permitted content.

Load your Application Pages at Start Up or in Real Time
With 60M byte of display memory, you can set up templates for your complete application. Activate and change the buttons, text and images using unique ‘entity tag names’ via your interface to reduce host communication and CPU overhead.

Multi-function Touch Screen and Dynamic Layering

Transparent buttons can be positioned over text, shapes and images or even over other buttons to create context combinational functions. All entities can be moved around the page with simple host commands due to the modules ability to retain the complete parametric structure of every item the module creates in it's high speed 16,000 entity database.

SDHC 4G+ Card enables 8 bit CPU as Host

Unlike many other TFT modules, you can use this module with small CPU hosts by storing complex menus, functions and images on an SDHC 4G+ card or transfer up to 128M byte to internal flash.

Serial Interfacing and User I/O

You can use serial interfaces in Master mode to drive other peripherals and set up I/O to trigger internal and external functionality

Worldwide Character Fonts

Download the languages you need for your markets or create your own image based font solution. Give images names that link them to ASCII values making it possible to show any character shape and size you need.   

High End TFT at a Standard TFT Price.
Volume manufacture brings this product to you with the power of a PC solution but the price of a display module. Take advantage of reduced development time to bring your product rapidly to world markets.

5Yr+ Product Platform
The PCB size, connector positions and TFT height are designed to maintain availability of the product platform for more than 5 years. We reserve the right to change the TFT, touch screen and other components with notification through our distribution channels.

Product Statement

NORITAKE ITRON products are not insured or designed for military, automotive, aerospace or life-critical applications. Specific application information is required to be submitted to meet insurance requirements with contractual agreement regarding insurance, testing and operation. Use in offensive military applications is strictly prohibited.

Any performance information, tests, ratings or specifications provided herein are measured using certain computer systems or components and only indicate the approximate performance of NORITAKE ITRON's products in accordance with those tests. Use of other computer systems or components, software, etc. may affect actual performance.

The firmware and software in these products is specifically designed to be updated remotely according to user request or product improvement. Please register here to receive information and associated links. Although products are still in the design phase, they have been released for customer evaluation. Customers are responsible for identifying suitability for their application.

Hardware Pin Outs & Software Command Syntax are Copyright 2010-2014 Noritake Co. Ltd., Japan