Noritake Itron VFD Display Modules - VFD Displays compatible with LCD Modules Graphic Displays and Character Displays with Solidworks drawings + USB, SPI, RS232 and parallel interface plus Smart TFT iSMART TFT modules

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Noritake Itron VFD Modules

- High Brightness - Easy To Read
- Fast Visual Response - Less than 12us
- 1,000,000 Hour MTBF and up to 20 year life.

- Easy to Combine Graphics and Multi-size Fonts
- Built In ASCII, European, Asian and User Defined Fonts
- No compromise Wide Temperature Range -40C to +85C

- Parallel, RS232, Async and Clock Serial Interfaces

Noritake Itron's VFD modules give you the opportunity to mix multi-size built in ASCII fonts with user defined images. A rich command set enables minimum data transfer to achieve the ideal solution. Module customization is available.

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What is a VFD?
VFD displays are an emissive technology which were developed at the same time as LCD and have been enhanced by CIG technology.
They are a high brightness blue green display which can be filtered to other colours as required.
VFDs use inorganic materials and are supplied in a hermetically sealed package including the driver ICs which extends their reliability and life beyond that of other technologies. They are the preferred choice in message critical and wide temperature applications.

How does it work?
Electrons are emitted from a directly heated cathode and are attracted to phosphor coated anodes when positively biased.
The electrons impact the low voltage zinc oxide phosphor and light is emitted. Between the cathode and anodes, mesh grids are used to
multiplex the display and provide electron diffusion. Internal display drivers control the switching of electrodes and interface to CPU.

Used in message critical applications
VFDs are used in message critical applications since individual dot or segment failure does not occur during normal service life.
This is particularly important in cash registers, measuring instruments and medical equipment. 

Rugged in any environment without compromise.
VFD displays are capable of operating from -40C to +85C in high humidity conditions due to the materials and construction used.
Typical module MTBF is 1,000,000 hours due to the integration of the display drivers in the sealed glass VFD envelope.

Easy Reading
The high brightness of VFD allows smaller character heights to be used in more compact designs.
You can read a 2.1mm character at 1 metre and a 5mm character at 2.5 metres. 

Easy to Use
Noritake Itron VFD modules simplify the use of VFD technology by providing a simple interface and operating protocol for host CPUs. Character fonts, cursor control and draw commands in graphic modules make it easy to produce a dynamic user interface with virtually no set up requirements and easy connection to RS232, asynchronous and clock serial interfaces.
Endless applications......
VFD is used in
industrial control systems
home audio-video
transportation systems
medical equipment
comms equipment
point of sale
message signs
gaming machines
cooking appliances
ticket equipment
card readers
and more...
Our modules are designed to interface directly to your microcontroller through 4/8 bit parallel, SPI, I2C or CMOS level asynchronous serial. USB, RS232 and RS485 interfaces are options.
All our modules include ASCII fonts plus European, Cyrillic and Asian depending on the series. Font sizes include 5x5, 5x7, 7x7, 10x14, 7x15, 16x16 and 20x28. Low cost semi-custom options can be implemented
Popular Product Options
More than 100 standard VFD glass and modules probably enable you to meet your specific requirement off the shelf.
User defined connector fitting, semi-custom modification or full custom product design services are available.
5x7 Character LCD Emulation 
Part Number PCB Size Chars Go
CU16025-UW6J 80x36 mm 16x2
CU16025-UW2J 84x44 mm 16x2
CU16029-UW1J 122x44 mm 16x2
CU20025-UW1J 116x37 mm 20x2
CU20029-UW1J 146x43 mm 20x2
Part Number PCB Size Chars Go
CU24025-UW1J 125x36 mm 24x2
CU40025-UW6J 182x33 mm 40x2
CU20045-UW5J 98x60 mm 20x4
CU20049-UW2J 146x62 mm 20x4
CU40045-UW1J 190x54 mm 40x4
Selectable 4/8 bit M68/i80 Interfaces
Brightness Control Command
ASIC Controller with only 2us busy time.
Single 5V DC Supply
ASCII + Extended + User Fonts
These popular 5x7 Dot Character LCD emulation modules have the additional feature that pin 3 can be linked to Busy or Hardware Reset. 4 level brightness control is available.
The high speed ASIC used to control these modules has a busy time of just 2us enabling dynamic visual effects using the extended character set and 8 user defined characters.

5x7 Character LCD Emulation with i80
5x7 LCD Emulation + Graphics
Part Number PCB Size Pixels Go
GU112x16G-7806A/C 80x36 mm 112x16
GU128x32D-7806A/C 80x36 mm 128x32
GU128x32F-7806A/C 122x44 mm 128x32
GU140x16G-7806A/C 116x37 mm 140x16
GU160x32D-7806A/C 116x37 mm 160x32
GU140x16J-7806A/C 146x43 mm 140x16
Part Number PCB Size Pixels Go
GU160x32F-7806A/C 146x43 mm 160x32
GU280x16G-780A/C 182x33 mm 280x16
GU280x32D-7806A/C 182x33 mm 280x32
GU140x32F-7806AR/C 98x47 mm 140x32
GU140x32F-7806A/C 98x60 mm 140x32
Graphics Upgrade for 5x7 LCD or VFD
SPI/Async Serial as Slave or Host
Graphic Upload and Draw Commands
Unique Pass-Through Serial Port Host
Selectable 4/8 bit M68/i80 Interfaces
Place Cursor on any Pixel.
5x5, 5x7, 7x7, 7x15, 10x14 ASCII Fonts
ew Double density versions allow you to increase the number of rows in the same size modules.
For example: 2x16 > 3x16 > 4x16.
A 7x7 font is used to provide enhanced readability
The 7806A have ASCII + European fonts and the 7806AC versions have ASCII + Cyrillic fonts

5x7 Character LCD Emulation with i80
Bold Font Character Modules    
Part Number PCB Size Chars Go
CU24063-Y1xx    98x47 mm 24x6

CU24043-Y1xx 116X37 mm 24x4

CU20027-Y1xx 116x37 mm 20x2

CU20045-KTW228A 133X53 mm 20x4

CU20026-TW200A 155X59 mm 20x6

CU209-TW202A 164x34 mm 20x1

CU20029SCPB-KV90B 190x55 mm 20x2

Part Number PCB Size Chars Go
CU2x20029SCPB-KV91B 190X55 mm 20x2

CU20029-KTW220A 205X47 mm 20x2

CU200211-KTW260A 248x69 mm 20x2

CU20049-KTW220A 222x74 mm 20x4

CU406-KTW220A 226x40 mm 40x1

CU40026-TW200A 240x43 mm 40x2

These character modules are easy to control with ASCII commands and characters using parallel or serial interfacing.
The Y series modules feature character brightness control allowing highlighting and grayscale characters and symbols.
The T series bold font modules have large pixels to provide a distinct image for easy reading at distance

5x7 Character LCD Emulation with i80
Compact Dot Graphics Modules    
Part Number PCB Size Pixels Go
GU84X16D-K6xxA1 77x25 mm 84x16
GU144x16D-K610A8 95x23 mm 144x16
GU128x32D-K610A8 95x30 mm 128x32
GU128x32D-7000x 98x31 mm 128x32
GU144x40D-K610A 95x34 mm 144x40
GU128x64C-K610A7 75x36 mm 128x64
GU128x64D-K61xA8 96x47 mm 128x64
GU128x64D-7000x 99x49 mm 128x64
GU180x32D-K61xA8 124x31 mm 180x32
Part Number PCB Size Pixels Go
GU256x64C-3900 133x38 mm 256x64
GU256x128C-3900 131x66 mm 256x128
GU256x32D-K61xA8 159x32 mm 256x32
GU256x32D-3900 159x35 mm 256x32
GU240x64D-K612A8 153x47 mm 240x64
GU256x64D-7000x 159x50 mm 256x64
GU256x64D-3900 159x50 mm 256x64
GU256x128D-3900 170x90 mm 256x128
Compact Dot Graphic Modules have a pixel size of 0.3 to 0.5mm which means they are ideal for visibility at typically 1m. There 4 software series providing commands to suit the display attributes.

5x7 Character LCD Emulation with i80
Medium Dot Graphics Modules    
Part Number PCB Size Pixels Go
GU128x8F-K610A8 129x17 mm 128x8
GU256x8F-K660A7 212x19 mm 256x8
GU112x16G-K610A7 90x29 mm 112x16
GU112x16G-7000x 80x36 mm 112x16
GU128x18F-K61xA2 126x30 mm 128x18
GU126x32F-K61xA4 126x38 mm 126x32
GU128x32-8n00B 130x38 mm 128x32
GU140x16G-K610A7 108x29 mm 140x16
GU140x16G-7000x 116x37 mm 140x16
GU140x16J-7000x 146x43 mm 140x16
Part Number PCB Size Pixels Go
GU140x32F-K610A7 108x39 mm 140x32
GU140x32F-7000x 98x60 mm 140x32
GU160x32-8n00B 154x45 mm 160x32
GU126x64F-K612A4 129x72 mm 126x64
GU128x64-8n00B 140x68 mm 128x64
GU280x16G-7000x 182x33 mm 280x16
GU256x32-8n00B 220x50 mm 256x32
GU256x64E-3900 188x62 mm 256x64
GU256x64F-3900 226x70 mm 256x64
GU256x128E-3900 214x110 mm 256x128
Medium Dot Graphic modules have a pixel size of 0.5 to 0.7mm which means they are visible at a distance of 2-3m.
There 4 software series providing commands to suit the attributes of the display. 


5x7 Character LCD Emulation with i80
Large Size Modules for Gaming, Message Signs and POS Applications
Part Number PCB Size Pixels Go
GU96x8M-K61nC5 200x27 mm 96x8
AU1613-2SSB 217x45 mm
GU128x8T-K61nC5 370x46 mm 128x8
Part Number PCB Size Pixels Go
GU256x16M-K61nC5 370x46 mm 256x16
GU256x16M-3900 370x49 mm 256x16
GU512x32H-3900 372x49 mm 512x32
GU384x32L-3900 551x87 mm 384x32
Noritake Itron has developed these large modules for gaming, message sign and POS applications.
Many modules can store pre-define text and graphics in on board EPROM. Multi-drop addressing allows several modules to be connected to the same system bus.  
16 and 32 dot high modules include variable sized fonts.
The K61x series offer RS485 and clock serial options. 
Select modules are sold in enclosures with supporting software and accessories.


Compact & High Visible Capacitive Touch-VFDisplays
Built-in Touch Controller
Multi Touch, Slide Control
Easy to use
High performance MCU on board
Various text and graphic commands
Built-in international fonts
Wide Temperature -40 to +85 °C
Long life, high quality


VFD Glass
Noritake Itron VFD glass is available with and without built in VFD drivers.
The part number suffixes for built in drivers are DN,DS for character displays and MN, MS for dot matrix displays

The numbers for characters displays include characters/rows, no of rows and character height then version number.
Example DN4025C is 40 characters by 2 lines with 5mm character height then version C

The part number for dot matrix displays include the dot matrix X and Y format plus a version number.
Example MN21864H is 128 x 64 pixels version H


Free Module Development Software

You can get your module running quickly with PC applications like Modmaster and GUD10 Development platforms. They use the serial or USB port of the pC via adaptors to communicate directly with our VFD modules.


Custom Glass, Modules, Firmware and Fonts

 Custom glass may give you a more cost effective solution if you have a volume application (>5000/yr) and custom modules can provide the optimum functionality for quantities exceeding 1000/year.

If you need an additional software command or extra fonts, the use of flash memory in our control CPUs makes this a viable solution for 100+ quantities

We will charge a one time development fee to support these services.


VFD Accessories

 Noritake Itron offers a wide range of controllers and accessories to make the use of their products even easier. From IR keyboards right through to extension cables.

A wide range of pre-fitted connectors for modules without connectors supplied is also offered see below for a variety of generic connectors or contact us about user specific connectors.

more ...